Best of Horror Loves

exhibition and performance

30 March     31 March    1 April 2017 

Avbvrn x BOOK x FILM RELEASE, Thursday: 8pm: Cafe Ecke Konsti

 LIVE PERFORMANCE, Friday and Saturday, 8pm: CONCORD

(in co-operation with Lichter Filmfest Frankfurt International)


A 3-part performance unveiling event happening exhibiting an archived, reimagined, and r[d]ecomposed body of work since 2014.  


Featuring work by:  Frances Chiaverini, Katja Cheraneva, Robyn Doty, Avbvrn,

Nadine Fraczkowski, Danilo Barsch, Paul Barsch, Christina Mansi, sad, Zack Mentzos, and the internet


Cafe Ecke Konsti: Allerheiligenstraße 15

CONCORD: Allerheiligentor 2

Come and Happen.


An ongoing project inspired by some of the most influential horror movies from the 20th century, Best of Horror Loves is a hypothetical performance event, which investigates the deepest fears present-day society can induce in people.

This time the project would like to present a singular book which is performance realized through the actions taken by its readers, a film to be viewed in private public, and a happening to be happened.

Supported in part by: