LF 117 [ 121 ]

Best of America Loves: Banff edition


...is a movement and technology driven project enacted by Frances Chiaverini in collaboration with the Projection Technology team (directed by Joel Adria) at The Banff Centre in Alberta, Canada which aims to design and produce an immersive Event in which performers and audience co-exist.  Using the construct of Best of America Loves, the performers habitate a closed storage space in the underground labyrinth of rehearsal rooms, costume studios, and all-purpose closets surrounding the stage at the Margaret Greenham Theatre.  Their ongoing improvised yet highly involved movements are captured by a camera and projected into a neighboring studio, although that image remains unseen in the absence of an audience.  The performance then will only occur when an observer is physically present in the studio to activate it, thus challenging notions of importance, power, passivity, observation, presence, work and product-driven-process in the traditional context of formal dance presentation. 


Art Direction by Jordan Watkins

Scenic Design by Heipo Leung

Sound Design by Misha Hlebnicov

Consultants: Ian Edmonds, Porscha Banker, MP Beauregard

Performers: Lexi Vajda, Stephanie Cyr, Nick Blb, Andrew McCormack, Ria Girard, Maya Tenzer, Lucas Wilson-Bilbro