The Body Violent

Exercise in Rational Irrationality       Or     A Study on the Body Violent

Atelier, PACT April 21, 2017 -- Installation and Performance  -- Frances Chiaverini and HOOD


“What is the most irrational practice or habit you’ve developed in your daily life?”  


diarrhEa, anXiEty, stRess, heart attaCk, a swollen appendIx, inflammation, depreSsion, adrEnal over-stImulatioN through coffee dRinking, lifting weights, vomiting, holding your breATh, surgIcal bOdy augmeNtAtion, gynecologicaL appoIntments, blood tests, Samantha Cohn, who jumped out of a window on 72nd St. in Manhattan.  What happened to heR body?  What weRe the micro situATIONs between her bones, veins, and tissues?  A bacteriAL infection, cancer, transplants: organs, joInTs, and otherwise; united airlines, bitch, WSHH fights, oppressive song lYrics/sick beats, punching, hair-pulling, ass slapping, body slam, finger-pointing, heart-break

Atelier_April2017_Jana Mila Lippitz_44.jpg

photo: Katja Cheraneva by Jana Mila Lippitz