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Microaggressions, stereotypes, double-standards, discrimination, unwanted come-ons, manipulation, isolation, bad jokes, and pithy comments: ABUSES OF POWER and SEXISM in the ARTS and in DANCE come in all shapes and sizes.

Using art as a backdrop is not an excuse.  Change the names, be anonymous, but don't let little perpetrations go unnoticed, no matter how big or small.

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The male ballet teacher who needlessly encompassed my thigh with both his thumbs and pointer fingers very near the base of my pubic area and dragged both hands down my entire leg to remind me to lengthen. 

The dance partner whose package always finds its way directly between the cheeks of my ass unnecessarily. Tried placing my hips further away, multiple times. Did NOT feel comfortable enough to bring it up. 

The man on the creative team of a show reminding me why people are bowing lower for a penis than for me..."They respect it more."

The male General Manager not protecting his full-time female employees who are required to undress/change backstage against a part-time male crew member who was arrested for taking photos of woman changing in a department store dressing room. 

No follow-up on a rogue phone seen taking pictures of the women's changing booth over-top roadboxes and curtains. 

The man in my cast who changed his blocking in order to whisper shit in my ear, touch my hand or linger close behind me while I danced in skin tight pants. 

The male stitcher who poked at my arm pit in a costume fitting and called my skin "extra flesh" who also told me he hoped I "wasn't sitting outside rehearsal getting fat"...as I sat there speaking with my friends with zero food in my hand or mouth, but a communal table of treats next to me. 

The male ballet teacher when complimenting me on losing weight, being informed I'd had food poisoning, followed up with, "Isn't being sick great?"

The male Artistic Director who called me overweight in front of a guest artist and my dance partner. 

The gay male cast member who walks into a female dressing room and says "Ew" when seeing naked women. 

The male General Manager who threatens arbitration against my team's hard work over one thing we are asking for for a woman...that woman was me. The only woman on the team. 

Being the only woman in a room of creatives and managers discussing cast safety and morale. 

The boyfriend who tells me my male dresser is obviously going home and jerking it to images he's seen of me topless backstage. 

The male director who gives all four Russian thug characters (who speak) to men as myself and the other female thug stand in the back, silent. 

The male director who gives the lines of the "maiden" to a man, because "it doesn't really matter."

All the "compliments" from men about how good I look in _______________ costume. I didn't ask. Nor was my discomfort in said costume a request for a compliment. 

The costume designers who fully clothe the men while the women are scantily clad/in skin tight clothing. Yes, sometimes the story calls for it...sometimes it doesn't.